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In cargo transportation services.

Naqilat is an application that provides the service of receiving and delivering goods, through mediation between individuals requesting the service, who wish to transport their goods. And between drivers of goods transport vehicles of various types and sizes, whether (light transport or heavy transport). We are here to always be your first choice and your experience with us is special and lasting

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About App

Naqilat is an application that provides unique services for transportation services, receipt and delivery of goods with ease, ease and safety. The idea of ​​Nakilat is based on mediation between service applicants wishing to transport goods and between professional drivers of goods transport vehicles of various types and sizes, whether light or heavy transport, and at any time that suits the service applicant. . The Naqilat application also provides different types of transport vehicles for goods, for example, Net, Dina, Lorry or Dina for refrigerated transport, and we are also interested in transporting furniture, building materials, livestock and other types of goods. The service applicant can choose the type of services provided by the application, as the services are divided according to the choice of the service applicant, such as delivery only, uploading and downloading, or disassembling and installing. The service applicant can easily track his shipments through the application and know the path of his goods with high accuracy.

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